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SR EDUCATIONAL ACADEMY is a global leader in offering the highest quality in technical training for civil engineering and mechanical engineering courses for enhanced industrial performance. With an urge to learn new technology, thousands of individuals come to us. Keeping in mind the productivity and career goals, we shape the complete training program that ideally suits the requirements of beginners as well as professionals.

In our association you can buildup strong and efficient carrier. SR ACADEMY  trains students in step wise process, firstly we introduce a technical Course to the student through workshop technology. secondly we expertise him with in house training ,finally we offer internship for real time job experience to the student. Along with SR ACADEMY our associated advanced training institutes also take part in this program.

We know the industrial requirements. As well we are transforming ourselves in technical training world to meet the requirements of the industries.SR ACADEMY provides best training with advanced equipment’s and real time on site training at companies.


  • We offer tailor-made training solutions to provide highly skilled workforce to industries.
  • Our training programs empower trainees towards learning as well as implementation; thus enable them to enhance organizational productivity.
  • Clearly outline our training goals and relate them with the strategic mission of the industries.

We develop our students’ talent, recognize the power of aspirations and promote an environment of continuous learning.

Our mission is to:

  • Bridge the gap between industry’s needs and students’ skills set
  • Provide an experienced and skilled human resource for furthering industry’s interests
  • Rewrite training course contents to match it with the skilled personnel requirements of industries.

Learning a new technology and to lead a Job role is not easy. With instructor-led Technical Training opted from SR EDUCATIONAL ACADEMY, you can develop skills that directly transfer from the classroom to the workplace. Each technical training course includes the planning, design, implementation, management, and support phases of the technology adoption of the course.
Engineering Certified Internship Training under Industry Experts. will be an opportunity to work with a company and gain work experience before entering into a real-time job.
We maintain huge data bank of professionals mainly Engineers and Diploma Engineers seeking job. Our Manpower Recruitment services are very impressive. If you are a newly established organization and need help in recruiting professionals, DON’T WORRY, We are here to help you.

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