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SR EDUCATIONAL ACADEMY is a global leader in offering the highest quality in technical training for civil engineering and mechanical engineering courses for enhanced industrial performance. With an urge to learn new technology, thousands of individuals come to us. Keeping in mind the productivity and career goals, we shape the complete training program that ideally suits the requirements of beginners as well as professionals.

In our association you can buildup strong and efficient carrier. SR ACADEMY  trains students in step wise process, firstly we introduce a technical Course to the student through workshop technology. secondly we expertise him with in house training ,finally we offer internship for real time job experience to the student. Along with SR ACADEMY our associated advanced training institutes also take part in this program.

We know the industrial requirements. As well we are transforming ourselves in technical training world to meet the requirements of the industries.SR ACADEMY provides best training with advanced equipment’s and real time on site training at companies.

What Do we Provide?

SR Institute of technical training  offers 6 weeks/ 6 months Industrial Training for Polytechnic students of Mechanical, Civil Engineering, EEE /ECE, CSE/IT,  etc. Our experienced trainers impart practical knowledge, share their experience and prepare students for the Competitive World, all these activities are done in the training session. Students also get to work on live projects.

SR Educational Academy  offers a rich pool of courses and trainings preparing the students to begin their professional career. The trainings can be conducted at the College  premises or any other location through Industrial  experts having an eye on the industrial development. Customization of courseware and flexibility in schedule are add-on features for the smooth transition of campus training; without creating any hassle in the pre-determined academic calendar. Participants of  5/7 days  workshops and 15 Days Certificate training  gain exposure to work challenges and their effective solutions.

Placement training plays a major role in shaping up the career goals of students. It is the dream of every engineering student to get placed in a top organization visiting their campus for recruitment. … Training of students and equipping them with life skills has become an important responsibility of the institution.

If you are a Civil engineer who is looking to have an experience of corporate world then you can apply for internships. You will also get an opportunity to convert your internship into a full-time job if you utilize it in the right way.

Or if you just want to try out different career options other than core civil engineering, moving out from your comfort zone, then internships are a great way to do it. You can also earn some hefty pocket money by doing internships in top firms.

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